With Summer coming to a close, luscious winter blankets and quilts will soon be adorning our homes, and linen, cushions and throws from the warmer months will need storing. These four simple tips will keep your quality homewares fresh over the cooler months.

1. If you are short on space, consider storing sheets and throws between your mattress and box spring.

2. Sheet sets can be stored inside a matching pillow case for easy identification, leaving your linen cupboard uncluttered.

3. Pillows, cushions and throws can be clipped onto a pants hanger with a garbage bag tied around them, then hung in the spare cupboard for a fresh feel following the winter months.

4. Roll, tie and hang a small sealed ham bag filled with fresh herbs or lavender in your linen cupboard, or wrap herbs in a small piece of cheese cloth and lay them between linen sets. This will provide a crisp earthy aroma when you prepare your quality homewares for use next spring.