In an area filled with older style houses, heritage home decorators can face unique design challenges.  Home Productions client Kathryn was blessed with a small old fashioned powder room in her Haberfield home, and was looking to create a sense of space and interest. Engaging our designer Mary’s interior design services was the first step in transforming her small, bland space into an eye catching feature of her character filled home.

Mary was careful to consider how the rest of the home was styled, and how the powder room would fit with the flow from room to room. With the benefit of Mary’s expertise and assistance, Kathryn selected a light colour paper with a bold print. This adds visual interest without overwhelming the senses in a smaller space, almost as if the wallpaper is a work of art in its own right.

There are other ways in which a designer can add their flair and expertise when styling smaller heritage spaces with wallpaper. The pattern, size and the spacing of the print can make a room appear larger using optical illusions and tricks.

Wallpaper also makes great use of vertical space, often drawing the eye upwards towards period features for heritage home designers, and making a room appear larger. The right selection of colour, print and style can highlight architecture and character features. Texture is also important in creating the appearance of space, which is one area in which Mary’s interior design services were a valuable addition to Kathryn’s own style.

Even the most experienced heritage home decorator can benefit from interior design services when creating a unique and interesting space that both reflects the owner’s flair and style and pays homage to the cultural history and period features of their home.