In my career as an interior designer I am lucky enough to visit plenty of properties in the local area. I’ve aways loved the Federation style homes I’ve visited through my interior design services in the Inner West of Sydney, which marry a distinctly Australian flavour with a smorgasbord of styles hailing from different eras and countries. Many properties reference the English Queen Anne period, exhibiting high pitched roofs sporting gables and verandahs. The Art Nouveau influence can also be seen in some homes in the timber woodwork of the archways.

It is important for interior designers in Sydney to pay homage to a building’s architectural heritage when styling a home. Maintaining the character and integrity of a Federation home can be a contributing factor for booming housing prices in the local area. Recently, the record for the highest house price in Haberfield was broken by this Federation home. The interior style of the home embraces its historical roots, showcasing period features and maximising its potential saleability.

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