Sydney Interior designers are often lucky enough to style federation homes, and wallpaper can accentuate many features common in this genre of architecture. In particular, the beautiful cornices, architraves and skirting boards that are typically found in federation homes are a great compliment to wallpaper.

Used extensively during the early 1900’s, wallpaper was a more affordable alternative to painting a room. Many of the federation homes built during the early part of the 1900’s used beautiful wallpaper to highlight a particular feature, such as a fireplace or decorative architraves.

In a contemporary federation home, wallpaper is still an ideal way for Sydney interior designers to marry traditional details with modern styling. For example, wallpaper can add interest to a bedroom through the creation of a feature wall, or when used behind a headboard. In a living area a bold contrasting print makes a statement on its own or paired with interesting wall hangings. Alternatively subtle colour-on-colour patterns or a grass weave will add texture and depth to a room.