The newest collection of LIZZO fabric books have just arrived in our shorwoom! With refined and eclectic trends, natural and elegant style, LIZZO is dedicated to serving the most beautiful quality fabrics and textures.

LIZZO’s philosophy can be encapsulated in three distinct maxims: the quest for the purest and most natural textiles, free of all impurities, the development of trendsetting collections which inspire one to create sensual interiors in the highest possible taste satisfying the most demanding clients who desire a unique personality for their home.

The inspiring collections, full of colour and texture, are definitely a result of an exhaustive research over the years, which has positioned the brand among the best European textile editors. For this reason, every season brings about new creation requirements according to the market trends.

New Orleans Collection

Lizzo New Orleans Fabric Collection

This collection takes its name from one of the most vibrant cities in the USA, New Orleans, which for centuries remains a fascinating melting pot of cultures, ethnic groups, styles
and music.

NEW ORLEANS includes designs of decorative metal mouldings, characteristic of the popular Pontalba Buildings, printed on linen, cotton piqué fabrics with small motifs or subtle chevron patterns, even distressed look curtains with
the charm of the city, many of them in 300cm width. Samples now available at Home Productions

Sartorial Collection

Sartorial Fabric Collection

SARTORIAL configures a tribute to the taste and elegance of tailored suits and to one of the most influential male clothing styles in history, the British style, which has gone beyond tailoring to influence current decoration for its refinement and distinction.

In this collection, LIZZO recovers traditional fabrics such as tartan or Cheviot, and small tie motifs, to obtain high-quality upholstery textures with a touch of trendy colours.

The classic elegances of cashmere printed on smooth and rich velvets, or embroidered pheasant feathers, typical of the classic gentleman hats, are also present. Samples available now at Home Productions.

To view our range of LIZZO fabrics, simply visit our boutique at 47 Waratah Street, Haberfield 2045.