One of the key tasks when styling a home filled with period features is to marry the character of the home with the personality its owner. Heritage Homes reflect a turn of the century elegance, and may include decorative timber features, gables, verandahs and ornate ceilings. Windows in particular are often graced with leadlight or circular windows, and are framed in either painted white or naked timber making them the hero of any room.

Homes with such character offer designers and stylists the opportunity to embellish already aesthetically distinctive attributes. Curtains in particular can dress a timber window frame using bold prints to create personality in a room, and adding a modern twist to heritage homes. Rich textural fabrics with tactile details can add depth to the room while a signature print plays off other homeware pieces. Curtains are also an ideal way to introduce colour into heritage homes without overwhelming a room. For example, a particular colour in a given print can be picked up in a cushion or a throw in a contrasting fabric, drawing interest and creating a cohesive story which reflects the designer’s own flair.

Using curtains in heritage style homes