Renovating your home can be a lengthy and stressful process. To make your experience a little less tense, Home Production’s Sydney interior designers have gathered three top tips for staying sane while renovating.

1. Plan ahead. Renovating an entire house can take many months, so it is wise to plan for water or electricity outages and in particular for when the kitchen and bathrooms will be out of action. Set a realistic timeline for disturbances and don’t forget to budget for contingencies.

2. Expect chaos. Over the coming weeks and months, you will need to learn to live with imperfection, mess and general disarray. Throughout the renovation, keep one room as a haven where you can be away from the disorder.

3. Use experts and know how to manage them. Rather than taking on the nuts and bolts work yourself, consider using a professional where the budget allows it, especially where they offer multiple services. For example, our Sydney interior designers can add value to your renovation through custom beheads which add a signature spark to your newly finished bedrooms, and offer styling advice and homeware selection throughout your renovated home.

  1. Sydney Interior Designers Offer Top Tips for Staying Sane While Renovating