The bathroom can be one of the most difficult rooms in the house to update short of a renovation. These style tricks will reinvigorate without a huge cost.

  1. Personal Touches

    Homewares like candles, hand washes and hand cremes can add a sense of sophistication and luxury to a bathroom, making it feel more inviting. Candles also provide a sense of warmth, and refreshing the aroma. Home Productions stocks a range of quality Ecoya products.

  2.  Use Pot Plants To Freshen and Add Colour

    A touch of greenery will rejuvenate any bathroom regardless of size, whether small flowering pots are placed along the window sill, or a potted shrub is placed in the corner of a larger room. While bathrooms can feel sterile, plant life creates a sense of life while varying the colour palette. 

  3. Use Hand and Bath Towels

    The surfaces in bathrooms are often shiny and cool. Homewares like bath towels can add layers of texture and a point of interest in a room. Tassled hand towels in exotic or striped prints and luxurious bath towels in rich fabrics are also ideal for adding a splash of colour to neutral palettes.

  4. Use Interesting Homewares

    To update a bathroom with a cold feel, add a rug. In a smaller bathroom, consider a feature mirror to make the space appear larger. A piece of artwork also creates personality and colour in a bathroom. Alternatively, a set of apothecary shelves can be used as a feature that adds extra storage.

  5. Personalise with Paint

    A feature wall using either wallpaper or a bold coloured paint can make a bland space feel on trend. Some more creative uses of paint include using a bold colour on the ceiling to offset the colour palette and painting features like pipes.

a fresh looking bathroom