The right interior design can transform a drab, dusty old space into a stylish, cosy and welcoming home. This is something many of us already know and accept. The problem is that even when we want a professional looking space, we don’t often consider hiring a designer to help us out. Why? Because of several ingrained myths we’ve latched onto about getting the services of an interior designer.

What are these myths? Here are some of the most common and the reasons why they should be discarded.

Myth: Hiring an interior designer is too expensive.

Ask anyone why they didn’t hire a designer for their home or office and this is usually the first answer they give. Truth is, if you are aiming for a beautifully designed and decorated space, it’s more advantageous to hire a professional than to forego one.

There are plenty of designers available at different price points to suit every client type and every budget. It’s also easy to find an interior designer in Sydney or anywhere across the globe that offers flexibility when it comes to their rates.

The benefits of hiring a designer outweigh the costs. Designers can show you details about your home that you might not have considered before. On top of that, with their professional experience, they can avoid costly mistakes that novices often fall for when it comes to designing their home.

Myth:  Designing and decorating doesn’t seem hard. There are plenty of TV shows about it.

Watching TV programs like Top Design Australia or flipping through design magazines will not transform you into an expert. Interior designers are backed by a four-year university degree as well as extensive experience and knowledge in design, colour theory, architectural history as well as spatial planning. They understand what works for a space and what doesn’t while taking different aspects into consideration.

Here at Home Productions, our lead designer, Mary Nemanic, takes care of your needs. As a designer, she can assist you in creating the over-all design of a home while the architect lays out the plans for submission to the Council.

From the design, to the décor, down to selecting the finishes and various special homewares in Australia that will match your taste and needs; our lead designer can help you.

Myth: Designers will do what they want. My home won’t showcase my taste, instead it will reflect the designer’s.

A professional interior designer is trained to transform a regular space into a cohesive, functional and aesthetically pleasing unit that reflects the owner’s style and requirements. Before starting, a designer will take the time to get to know her clients, including their personality, work habits and other preferences. This ensures they end up creating a space that’s useful and beautiful.  

Talented designers, like our staff here at Home Productions, understand the importance of the client’s input. We ensure the design and decoration aspect is done with the client’s full support and satisfaction. You can even consult our team for heritage homes or spaces where you want to retain family heirlooms or architectural details. We can give you great advice about updating its function while preserving the home’s heritage charm.

Myth: My home is too small/ugly/old so it doesn’t deserve any interior styling (and a designer might not want to work on it).

Great interior styling is appropriate for every home. Besides, it is the designer’s job to transform a plain, ordinary space into a beautiful, homey area its owners will enjoy. Remember, every home deserves the best; your home is no exception.

As you can see, these myths are irrelevant today. There are far greater advantages in hiring a professional designer if you want only the best for your home.

Keep in mind, having a designer means you are paying for experience and expertise. Designers also understand the essence of scale, colour and proportion; these are among the basic necessities of a gorgeous and functional space.

At Home Productions, we treat every home and office equally. Our clients’ needs come first. You won’t have to worry about losing your personality at all. Mary, along with the rest of the team will work with you to make sure your personality shines through in the design and styling of your home or office.

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