The Dining Room Transformation – A Short Overview

Dining rooms were all about function back in the day. It was a place for gathering.

In Medieval times, its main purpose was to entertain guests. Adorned with expansive rectangular or round tables to accommodate a number of visitors, it was a place for celebration and indulgence.

Over time, the gatherings diminished in extravagance. Celebrations became family affairs and the concept of dining rooms significantly changed.

For the modern homeowner, dining areas are smaller with less emphasis on banquets or giant gatherings. Instead, they are streamlined according to lifestyle, house size and location.

Design placement and emphasis have changed as well. In Australia, the use of dining rooms remains prevalent but the trend has been moving towards the informal. Family meals are often enjoyed over breakfast counters or lounges across the television set.

Updating the Dining Area

Despite the change in emphasis, heritage homes and traditional families still place importance on the dining room.  You’ll still likely find an interior designer in Sydney or anywhere else take it into consideration in their designs unless a client specifically asks otherwise. Whether it involves complete transformation, minor renovations or mere refurbishment, there are simple ways to update an old-fashioned style dining area into something more modern without losing its personality and charm.

Here are a few tips to note:

  • Swap out those dining chairs – An easy way to modernise a dinner space is to add modern elements. Traditional homes are normally decked with matching tables and chairs. Don’t throw them out. Be creative instead or try mixing and matching. For instance, surround a dark wooden oak table with comfy wingback chairs in linen. Smaller wooden tables can also be paired with industrial-looking chairs for a striking contrast of wood and metal. Take different styles of chairs from other parts of the home and swap them with the ones from the dining area. It’s surprising how a simple move in placement can transform the look of a space.

  • Add the right fixtures – A multitude of fixtures and homewares in Australia are available for owners to choose from.  Bring in a modern touch to an outdated dining light by swapping it with one or two pendant lights. These often swoop low and provide focal lighting to a table. Alternatively, emphasise a dining room’s heritage appeal by picking an elaborate European-style glass chandelier to hang above a wooden centre table then pair it with unexpected seating like those Modern Louis Ghost chairs crafted from Lucite.

  • Inject colour – Adding colours shouldn’t be overlooked when updating a dining space. Placing a contrasting print to plain chairs is one option. Use bright centrepieces like colourful bowls, vases or jugs to breathe life into a dreary table. Traditional dining areas are usually decked in muted or natural colours so injecting a bright, playful palette is a great way to bring the classic look up to date.

  • Consult a professional – Don’t be afraid to ask a professional for help if you feel the project is too much. Experienced Interior Designers can assist in highlighting areas and showcasing the strengths of an interior dining space. At the same time, they can take your comfort, personality and style into consideration. It’s also advantageous to seek an Interior Designer if you want to modernise your heritage home while retaining its traditional appeal where possible.

Here at Home Productions, we believe in working closely with our clients. From beginning to end, we stand by and support our clients. We cater to a variety of projects including renovations, refurbishments or extensions. Our role is to assist with all interior design elements of your home project. To that degree, our Interior Designers can have as little or large an involvement as the client requires.

Our goal is to create a space that satisfies the needs as well as echoes the client’s personality. All of this while providing comfort for them and their families. Whether it’s updating a traditional dining room to modernising a heritage home; we take the client’s thoughts and ideas into consideration. 

If you would like to speak with our expert designers, feel free to give us a call on 0403 306 723. You can also book a consultation at our studio or in your home through our enquiry form.

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